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Martial Arts

Masters of Martial Arts – Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill

Why did you start martial arts?

I started martial in 1980 -as I was looking to do a contact sport and Boxing was my first choice but when I saw a demo of Thai/Kickboxing in the local park  that was it, it looked so exciting and I have never looked back

What is the greatest benefit they offer?
Martial Arts is a very good character builder and gives you that confidence about yourself and you learn to respect others

What is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement was winning 4 world titles at Kickboxing. The first in 1991 was extra special as it was in my first world title in my hometown of Birmingham against Alex Tui of Australia, who I knocked out in round 6 and many members of my family attended who had never seen me fight

Can martial arts be a guiding light for society?

Martial Arts awareness is great out there, every parent wants their kids to learn some form of martial art as they know the benefits it gives and it is a good form of self defence, so it’s got to be a light for society

What’s your favourite technique?

I have a variety of favourite techniques; low kick-mid section roundhouse kick right hand or left hook low kick combination

What’s the funniest moment you can think of?

The funniest moment I can think of is when the WWE strong guy Batista grabbed me round the neck (2005) – was he asking for it – and how the guy bottled it when the crunch came, I was in hysterics

What’s your favourite pattern?

I don’t specialise in patterns -so don’t have any favourites

What’s the worst injury you’ve suffered?

I have two bad injuries which could have ended my career, a broken jaw in 1989 and a broken ankle in 1989. That was a bad year, but the warrior I am got through both.

Where would you like to see martial arts in 25 years?

In 25 years I can only see martial arts progressing and making the headlines for the right reasons and I’m sure I will still be involved in some capacity. Shortly I will be opening my full time gym

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a kickboxing legend and pioneer of the sport.

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