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Strange search terms – Part Two

Remember I posted up about people coming to this blog because they used a strange search term? ┬áCheck this out! ghetto life matthew sylvester mp3 download I have never, ever, in my life lived in a ghetto. Nor do I believe I’ve actually used the term ‘ghetto’ on this website. I shall however, be using … Continue reading

Sandbagging – In a good way

I thought I would get my hands dirty today. Literally and figuratively. I’m not the best modeller in the world, but I sometimes like to have a go at projects I wouldn’t normally. After a bit of googling, I found a good way of making sandbags and sandbag emplacements for my models. I’ve just started … Continue reading

Writing Challenge – What if humans were more diverse?

Last year I wrote a a story for the Fringe Works NeaDNAthal anthology. Needless to say, it featured NeaDNAthals. In a sci-fi setting of course, fighting a future war. Like they do. However, this did raise a question in my mind and one which I’ve never been able to write about due to so many … Continue reading

My proudest moment for a while

My finest World of Tanks Xbox proudest moment! Not only did I score that amazing number of kills, I also damaged a total of 10 out of 15 enemy tanks. On top of that I got a couple of medals, my first ever Kay’s Medal, and the Ace Tanker 99% medal. I’m especially proud of … Continue reading

Female characters, going to give them a go

I’ve had an idea about an anthology called Department of Accidents, aka D.O.A. I think it’s a rather clever play on words and, if the idea behind it pans out, the premise should be good. Rather than sticking with the usual hardcore ex-Special Forces type of I’ve decided that my stories will feature two women, … Continue reading

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