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Female soldiers finally get to lead from the front

How sexy in a non-sexy way is this model? Bloody love it.

How sexy in a non-sexy way is this model? Bloody love it.

In my previous article, I covered how poorly women are treated when they are being portrayed as warriors, or soldiers. In it, I finished with the fact that a company as small as Victoria Miniatures could produce high-quality miniatures that featured women as soldiers in the Arcadian military, without making them sexy, without making mannish and whilst making them look damn cool.

Well, Victoria Miniatures  have gone and done it again. They’ve produced (in limited numbers unfortunately) what I have to say is one of the best-looking and most glorious female soldier models on the market. She’s not sexy, she actually has clothes that cover her entire body and she’s in a pose that isn’t provocative in the slightest.

The Colonel is only available at Adepticon 2015, but I’m sure that somebody will be selling theirs on e-bay and that there will be a lot of bids. This is the sort of character model that will look great leading a bloody charge into the enemy’s guns, scything down her opponents with her sword, whilst blasting a clear path with her gun.

Yet again I ask the question. Why can’t larger companies bring out models that are this good? I can’t wait to see what else Victoria has up her sleeve!

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