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I don’t wanna be average, waaaaaaah!

Geoff Brown of Cohesion Press did a cracking job on the text, really making it stand out.

Geoff Brown of Cohesion Press did a cracking job on the text, really making it stand out.

There are now only two days until #blaisemaximillian Bitter Defeat, my collection of dystopian dieselpunk stories set in an alternate history, is available for sale on ALL Amazons across the internet. Naturally, there aren’t Amazons for all countries, which is a tad annoying, and Sweden is being well and truly screwed over by a domain squatter who would have lost the domain in the blink of an eye in the UK. That does however, leave a fairly decent number of countries that actually do have an Amazon. And for those that don’t have an Amazon, there are plenty of others that are fairly close and which they can use instead.

That, and I’m 42 on the day of release! If everyone who liked my various Facebook pages bought a copy, I’d be over the average number of sales that an e-book makes in its LIFETIME, by a fairly large margin. Yes, the average indie e-book only sells an average of 250 copies for its lifetime. Which is pants. Really, really … pants. My thesaurus fails in helping me to describe it in any other terms. Butt-sweat soaked, hole-riddled, maggot-housing pants, is pretty good, but that was without the help of a thesaurus and still ended in pants.

Please don’t let me be average … mediocre, but not average! For the price of £2.99 you can have a collection of stories filled with violence, commentary upon the crisis our metaphysical states face whilst facing physical confrontation crises, swearing, food, and more violence. And one of those listed is a lie. Plus there’s violence. And swearing! Fuckloads of swearing. Sometimes they’re even combined.

So, go get a book that will last a lifetime, rather than a crappy cup of coffee that will taste bloody lovely, make you less likely to kill your work colleagues, but last less than a few minutes. Or, buy both! Read a short story every time you have a cup of coffee! Best of both worlds! But seriously, in the words of the famous, talented and eloquent Sam Sykes, buy my book.

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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