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Happiness is …

Getting a new addition to the family. Meet Holly or, as the caption says, Marceline (took a while to agree on that). We’re all Adventure Time fans, and Marceline The Vampire Queen is quite a cool character. It also, sort of, goes with the wizard theme of Merlin. Well the mythological theme anyway. She’s 18 … Continue reading

Authors – 5 ways to on how to deal with rejections

For those that write, rejection should be a fairly common event. You write a short story, or a book, send it off and invariably it’s rejected. Or, you see a submissions call, write a piece specifically for that and which you can’t envision any other market, and you’re rejected. This article is, as the title … Continue reading

Happiness is …

Exceeding your last year’s stats. It’s a simple pleasure, but shows that this  blog has continued to draw more readers every year, which shows that I must be doing something right. 

Blaise Maximillian is back in the top 300!

Yet again Blaise Maximillian makes into two top slots in Amazon! It’s also back in the top 100,000 which, considering just how many books they have, is excellent! To pre-order, just go to your ‘local’ amazon. Search for Blaise Maximillian and bib’s your uncle! Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #97,339 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 … Continue reading

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