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Holly, soon to be Marceline (or Marcy as the youngest wants)

Holly, soon to be Marceline (or Marcy as the youngest wants)

Getting a new addition to the family. Meet Holly or, as the caption says, Marceline (took a while to agree on that). We’re all Adventure Time fans, and Marceline The Vampire Queen is quite a cool character. It also, sort of, goes with the wizard theme of Merlin. Well the mythological theme anyway. She’s 18 months old, and has already had at least one litter (the kittens of which were also being rehomed).

Strangely, we initially went to the Cats Protection Centre in Axhayes to get a kitten. We were looking for a kitten because we already have Merlin, a lovely black lad who’s coming up to three. We love Merlin to bits and didn’t want to get a cat that would dominate him, so thought a kitten would be better. However, every single kitten we saw was skittish, at the very least. There was very little chance to actually get to know them and try to bond.

As I was walking along past all the other cats, Holly aka Marceline, made her presence known. She is an absolutely beautiful looking cat, so I decided to open the door and give her a bit of a stroke. Oh my God, she purred fit to burst. She was also a headbutter (which I love), and just couldn’t get enough attention. I tried a tentative tummy stroke and she didn’t sever any arteries so that was a plus. Next step was picking her up. She bloody loved it and settled right in, her purring going up a notch.

Long story short, we chose her. There was another cat called Priest (cool name) which we also liked, but Kira and I are most certainly HUG THE ANIMAL types, and Marceline will most certainly fill that slot. She’s had a shitty start to life, and we can’t wait to get her home and settled in. It will most certainly be an interesting and probably challenging time, especially when we finally start to introduce her to Merlin, but I honestly think that they’ll grow to be best of mates. I’m praying that they will anyway!

Marceline will be joining us this Thursday afternoon. She already has a bed and blanket that we bought whilst at the centre, and which she is now hopefully sleeping in, so that when she comes here she’ll have something already covered in her scent. Expect a load of pictures on Facebook. Apologies in advance.

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