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Star Wars: X-Wing – This gamer’s excitement is back

Back when I was 9, I started playing Basic Dungeons and Dragons, my first adventure was Keep on the Borderlands. I still have the books. I still remember the excitement. That was 32 years ago. Since then I’ve become a bitter, cynical and jaded gamer, fed up with constant rule revisions and re-releases of figures, … Continue reading

Why armour doesn’t work in films and series such as Vikings

No matter now good looking the armour, no matter how historically accurate it is, or isn’t, armour just doesn’t work. There are many examples of armour parting like paper as a sword or axe cuts across the wearer’s abdomen or back in a spray of blood and gore. For years this used to vex me … Continue reading

Superstars – Yuen Biao – Acrobatic Genius!

Quite simply, Yuen Biao is a god-like genius. His fight scenes are astounding and use his considerable acrobatic skill to amaze the viewer. He was born Hsia Ling-Jun in Hong Kong, and was the fifth child of eight. He studied at the Peking Opera School alongside such other greats as Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, … Continue reading

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