kidney stones

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Fuck you Kidney, time to take positive action aka – My 100 Happy Days Number 1

Those of you who actually read this blog, might remember that my left kidney decided that it was fed up and created a small piss crystal, also known as a kidney stone. That was back on October 17th, 2014. At some point I passed it but by that point the damage was done and I’m … Continue reading

My cat’s crack sniffing habit

My cat has a bad crack sniffing habit. Most people smoke crack. My cat sniffs it. We all know that cats do silly things. Hell, cats do stupid things. Well, mine does. In the back garden of our soon-to-be-old house, there’s a crack in the cement leading down to the lawn. Every day, after having … Continue reading

The first pricklings of doubt have raised their ugly heads

As many of you will be aware, I have been somewhat ill since October thanks to Kidney stone issues. Renal Colic is what they call it in medical parlance. On a side note I just realised that I used three words with foreign etymology in that last sentence. Regardless. Since October I’ve been on strong … Continue reading

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