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Self-defence – An overview

Self-defence, self-protection, street defence are all buzzwords covering the subject of trying to avoid being attacked and what to do when you are being attacked. There are many excellent courses out there but many people still don’t attend them. Why is this? I personally believe that there are many factors but for me the core … Continue reading

Blaise Maximillian – Perfume, the scent of love

Perfume, the good sort, had the ability to make an attractive woman beautiful and a plain woman attractive. The delicate art of perfumery had always captivated Blaise. The way that they took supposedly unrelated scents and oils and mixed them to produce elixirs of beauty entranced him. It truly was the scent of love. One … Continue reading

Don’t take your instructors for granted

Members of clubs, any clubs, often take what the club provides for granted. This is perfectly understandable because quite often, they are completely removed from the running of the club. This is exactly the same for martial arts instructor. Students turn up, practice – or train – and then go home. The instructor has gone … Continue reading

Instructors don’t ask much

Seriously, a good instructor should never ask a student to do more than they are truly capable of. The reason for this is that to do is to invite failure. Once you have someone failing it is hard to get them to look at the positive. Human nature is to always concentrate on the negative, … Continue reading

Some kids need a good punch in the face!

Some kids really do need a good punch in the face. I’m not talking about a punch from an adult (although if they’re teenagers it might be okay), but from their peers. I teach martial arts to kids, and the first thing that I teach them is that I’m not teaching them fight, I’m teaching … Continue reading

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