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Dr. Who – UNIT vs Missy – SPOILERS

After watching last night’s Doctor Who finale, I’m going to make some assumptions about UNIT here. 1) In order to become a member of UNIT, you must have served in a member nation’s armed forces. 2) In order to become a member of UNIT, you must have served in a member nation’s special forces (since … Continue reading

Seasons of War – A War Doctor Unofficial Charity Anthology for Caudwell Children Charity

Many people who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will no doubt be aware that I have been accepted into one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever taken part in. Seasons of War is an unofficial War Doctor Anthology. It’s official, I’m now an unofficial Dr. Who author and I got to write a story … Continue reading

Dalek Invasion – Third Con of the year

Yeovilton Air Museum was one of my favourite places to go as a kid. When I were young, we were lucky to get away with a beating, a rotten potato and a trip with a couple of friends for our birthdays. Yeavilton was one of my favourite go-to places. As was Cobbaton Tank Museum. Last … Continue reading

Writing homework – Flash Fiction challenge

My daughter has come home with another flash fiction challenge.  1000 words in one week. Craig noticed a phone box. Hearing it ring, he went to answer the call …. As soon as he answers the phone, Craig is transported to a different time. Does he go back or forward in time? What does he … Continue reading

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