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Happiness is teaching …

… your daughter to be able to hopefully defend herself should she ever require it. I say hopefully, because no matter how well trained someone is, things can always go wrong, a lucky blow can land in an unlucky place, vigilance can fail, shit can happen. However, at least I will have done my best … Continue reading

Scotty’s Little Soldiers – A grown man tears up

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the military, war and weaponry. I grew up in the days when it was okay to give your children toy guns and send them off to do battle with the kids from the next street along. I was even given a paratrooper’s uniform … Continue reading

The Olympics gave us REAL ROLE MODELS

So, with the Olympics over, I’m feeling strangely conflicted. On the one hand I’m feeling totally inspired by the effort that all of the Olympian put into their performance. Whether they came first or last, every one of those people did their utmost to represent not only their country, but themselves and their loved ones. … Continue reading

Iain Abernethy‚Äôs Interactive Fitness Drills

Iain Abernethy has long been at the forefront of Karate, especially in the field of kata interpretation and application. His investigative powers and martial arts prowess have long been coupled with Summersdale Production’s high quality videos and hi-def DVDs. Most recently Iain has been working on a highly innovative and interactive DVD. This DVD allows … Continue reading

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