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What the fuck was happening in the past?

The longer that Operation Yewtree continues, the more and more people that I used to look up to and ‘like’ are arrested and charged. The latest is obviously Stuart Hall, he who used to have the nation roaring in laughter alongside him at the antics of people dressed as cartoon characters in huge costumes as they struggled to defeat each other in “It’s a Knockout”.

However, there are others that have been charged, Rolf Harris being another. Alongside Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris was a fucking legend. He entertained the nation for decades, and inspired kids throughout the country to have a go at painting.

And yet, Stuart Hall has admitted his guilt to 14 charges. Fortunately, this means that his victims will be spared the experience of having to re-live events whilst in court, facing some overpaid and over-educated cock who will be trying to prove Hall’s innocence at the expense of the victims.

But, all of this makes me wonder what on earth people were doing when they covered these crimes up. If the nurses knew ‘Uncle Jimmy’ was abusing the children in their care, why the hell didn’t they do anything? Why the hell haven’t they been charged for being negligent in their duty of care to the children who trusted them?

According to the news, Stuart Hall abused the children of people he knew. These children then told their parents. And the parents covered it up. They didn’t go around and beat the living shit out of him, nor did they report it to the police, they apparently brushed it under the carpet and kept their kids away from him, allowing him to continue to abuse other kids.

I’m confused as to whether this is a generational thing. Did people really just think it was okay to let this sort of abuse continue? And if they didn’t, why on earth didn’t they do something about it? We’re supposed to respect our elders, but I’m afraid that my respect is rapidly going out of the window the more I hear about how they left helpless kids – regardless as to whether they were their own children or not – to be sexually abused.

Personally, I feel that those that stood by and did nothing to stop it should also be charged. With what I don’t know as I’m not as legally-minded as I used to be. Being complicit perhaps.

What I do know is that this should never be repeated. We have the opportunity to find and punish everyone involved in this, and I hope that Yewtree goes beyond what seems to be a determined effort to nail TV personalities and start looking closely at the music industry as well. It’s time to ensure that no more kids are robbed of their innocence.

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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