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Perceptions of technology, the generation gap

I have quite a responsible job for the NHS. This job means that I travel around to various places for engagement meetings, training sessions and various other bits and bobs. Because of all the travel I do, I took the decision that I would travel light.

I know that if I take a pen and paper to these meetings, that I will invariably lose the notes that I’ve taken, or that I will forget to take the pad with me and will start another, with the result that I have a number of pads with notes across them. That, and the pad will deteriorate due to be crammed into a bag.

Having taken the decision to travel light, I decided that I would use my smartphone – Nokia E71, then iPhone 4 – as supplied by work to take notes. That way, as I’m taking the notes, I’m saving myself time later when it comes to putting those notes into minutes, briefs or other documents.

However, I just came off a phone call with one of my colleagues who stated that in two meetings, some of the people have thought that I was texting or playing games on my phone rather than actually paying attention. Despite the fact that during one of these meetings I actually read from my phone what had been previously said earlier in the meeting.

Both meetings were attended by people of more advanced ages, and I find it interesting that they haven’t made the leap from the fact that whilst phones can be used to text, they are now so much more than that. After all, we were issued with the damn things so that we could send and receive emails whilst on the road.

Also, I’m a bit surprised that they think I would sit in a meeting texting and playing games whilst some incredibly senior managers are addressing the meeting. Do they really think I’m that suicidally career-minded?

So, from now on, I will make a point of saying, “I’ll make notes on phone and email them round if you like.” just to put their minds at ease.

About mattsylvester

Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7. Matthew was Features Editor, Technical Consultant and regular columnist for magazines such as ‘Fighters’, ‘Combat’, ‘TKD & Korean Martial Arts’ and ‘Traditional Karate’. These are the four leading martial arts magazines in the United Kingdom. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed 'Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots', which has been sold around the world. With regard to his martial arts background he has been studying martial arts since 1991. In 1995 he hosted Professor Rick Clark of the ADK and since then has been studying pressure points and their uses in the martial arts and on the street (initially as a Special Constable and as a Door Supervisor). All of this practical hands-on experience means that he is uniquely placed to write fight scenes that are not only plausible but some of which are based on personal or anecdotal experience. Matthew has had a number of short stories published by Fringe Works, KnightWatch Press, Anderfam Press and Emby Press.


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