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Warhammer 40K Scenario – Eliminate the Asset

The Singeorge System had been beseiged on all fronts by the greenskin menace. Imperial forces are in full retreat, the Imperial Navy, Astra Militarum and Planetary Defence Force proving themselves to be completely inadequate.

As the retreat gathers pace, more and more valuable servants of the God Emperor are being left behind, regular Imperial Forces unable or unwilling to reach them.

The Administratum has decreed that Colonel Coom Martayn, commander of the 6th Atmospheric Defence Battery, needs to be extracted, or eliminated.

Colonel Martayn, of the Exeter Homeguard Unit, has knowledge of top secret defence plans, plans that would reveal not only key weaknesses in the 6th Atmospheric Defence Battery, but also the names of other key intelligence assets. His DNA is also coded into the battery’s cogitators, requiring him to be present. Parts of him at least.

He, and five of his men, are currently trying to extract on foot, desperately trying to make it to Imperial lines. , directly between the opposing forces. They can be up to 12″ to the left or right of the centre of the table, but must not be closer to one player or the other.

Both players roll a die, with the highest roll determining which player chooses their deployment area. The table should be setup so as to not offer either player an advantage.

The objective for both players is to either capture Colonel Martayn or, should he fall into enemy hands, kill him. They may not attempt to kill him until he has been captured by the opposing player. In order to capture him, a player must have a unit close to within 6″ of him, at which point both he and his surviving men will surrender.

Special Conditions
The points limit for this engagement is 750 points. Neither side can use vehicles heavier than a Chimera or small Trukk. Flyers are not allowed.

The Imperial player is limited to using Veteran, preferably Tempestus Scions. This does mean that they will be heavily outnumbered, but elite troops love a challenge.

In order to hit Colonel Martayn, players must roll 5+ to reflect those escorting him get in the way and keep him as low down as possible.

The Imperial player must treat any of Martayn’s Guards as prisoners – due to the alternative objective of their mission – and must allocate one guard per two prisoners. Unit cohesion does not apply however, the prisoners are disarmed.

Colonel Martayn has no leadership value and cannot issue orders.

All shots taken against Colonel Martayn must have line of sight (bar indirect fire weapons). If they do not, then intervening models are struck.

The Ork player may treat Colonel Martayn’s guards as prisoners, and must allocate one guard per two prisioners. Alternatively, they can execute them on the spot.

Players may use medics. If Colonel Martayn is killed by the opposing player, the medic can be used to revive him so long as they get to within 3″ within two turns.

During the initial approach stages, Colonel Martayn’s guards will open fire on the Ork forces, but will not move from their position. Treat them as Whiteshields due to the extreme battle shock they are suffering from. No doubt a Commissar would execute them out of hand.

First Turn
Both players players bring their entire force onto the table, and must initially advance as fast as they possible can. No order test is required to move units onto the table as part of the first wave, there are no subsequent waves. No infiltration, scout, deep strike, outflank or similar rules apply. This is a straight race to the asset.

Game Duration
Players have six turns to achieve their objective.

Victory is achieved in two ways.

  • Major Victory – Capture Colonel Martayn and then escort him off their table edge – +5CP
  • Minor Victory – Kill Colonel Martayn before he can be escorted off the opposing player’s table edge. – +1CP

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