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Bolt Action Scenario – Clear Desk Policy

As the regular German forces advance, they are being followed by rear echelon units, intelligence services, secret police and NSDAP administrators.

Prime Minister Churchill, from a secret location somewhere in the United Kingdom, has ordered the Auxillary Unit into action. They are to kill these people and disrupt all efforts by the Germans to install a new government, establish and maintain order.

Auxillary Unit 25, based near Exeter on Devon, has identified Ortsgruppenleiter Brandenburg, an especially effective administrator who played a successful role in the occupation of France.

As he drives from his base in Seaton on his rounds, AU25 sets up in ambush.

The British player may have all of his units hidden as per the Hidden Set-up rules on p117.

Snipers are set-up as per the Sniper Set-up rules on p118.

Brandenburg starts at either end of the table and must then attempt to get to the other end.

The players should attempt to have at least three roads, that are interconnected at points, that the Germans can use.

The British must find and kill the German VIP. The Germans must stop them.

First Turn
All units must be deployed onto the table at the start of the game.

Special Rules
This is a very small game indeed. The points limit for this is 250.

The AU must be considered to be veterans.

The German forces must consist of one HQ (Brandenburg and his cronies), and an escorting force. Brandenburg counts as a Veteran unit for resolving hits.

The German force starts in vehicles. These must be soft-skinned, such as trucks and staff cars. If the Germans remain in their vehicles, the vehicles must remain on the roads. The reason for this is that lanes in rural Devon had incredibly steep banks, such as in the bocage, and would therefore be impassable to such vehicles as the German player is using.

The British player may place up to four roadblocks prior to the start of the game. These represent impassable obstacles.

Game Duration
This game lasts for 6 rounds. After that the AU must retreat or face capture from the German forces that are racing to Brandenburg’s rescue.

The Auxillary Unit wins if it eliminates the target. – 5 VP
The German player wins if they keep the target alive. – 5VP

There are no points to be scored if either side fails. As Sergeant Tam Broster said, “This is do or die chaps, if we fail we’ll never have such a good chance to nail the bugger again.”

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