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Star Wars: X-Wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Capture Keehla Rigor

The Imperials smash everything in their path.

The Imperials smash everything in their path, as Keehla Rigor desperately tries to escape.

“Sir! Sensors are picking up enemy fighters! There are dozens of ’em!” Trooper Peenes practically screamed his report out, eyes wide open and lips moving as he tried to pick out individual ships from the snowstorm on his screen. 

Captain Keehla Rigor looked over at the panicked rebel trooper for a second, “Calm yourself lad. Send the feed to console three. Everyone else, get ready to scoot.”

Veteran of many battles even before the Galactic War had started, Rigor was more than used to over-excited soldiers giving reports that could be viewed as … unreliable during the heat of battle. 

He glanced down at the designated console and swore as he saw that Peenes had not been exaggerating. “Get us the hell out of here!”

Operation Iron Fist has begun. The forces of the Empire have crossed the Carnel Gap, entering into the system’s Southern Fringe and sending elite forces deep in to the Southern Reach to capture key objective points, and people.

The Rebel forces are racing to either rescue, or kill, the boffins, whilst the Imperials race to capture them.


Keehla Rigor, of the Southern Reach Defence Force, has knowledge of top secret defence plans, plans that would reveal not only key weaknesses in the Southern Reach Stop Line, but also the names of other key intelligence assets.

He and his crew are currently on patrol, unaware of the peril they are in, directly between the opposing forces. They can be up to Range 3 to the left or right of the centre of the table, but must not be closer to one player than the other. Any ship larger than single crew can be used for this, however it may not use any weapons. Treat this as a pure scouting only type of ship, preferably of the HWK 290 variant.

Both players roll a die, with the highest roll determining which player moves first.

The objective for both players is to either capture Keehla Rigor, or, should he fall into enemy hands, kill him. They may not attempt to kill him until he has been captured by the opposing player.

Special Conditions
The points limit for this engagement is 300 points. Neither side can allocate more than 30% of their points to large ships.

The Imperial player is limited to using characters e.g. Mauler Mithel, preferably. This does mean that they will have fewer numbers than normal, but elite troops love a challenge.

In order to capture Keehla Rigor, a player must have a unit within Range 1 of him, at which point both he and crew will surrender.

All shots taken against Rigor must have line of sight. If they do not, then IN THIS GAME,  intervening models are struck.

Players may rescue Rigor if his ship is destroyed by the opposing player. A ship can be used to pick him up so long as they get to within Range 1 within one turn.

First Turn
Both players bring their entire force onto the table, and must initially be given either a 3–> or 4–> order. There are no subsequent waves.

Victory is achieved in two ways.

  • Major Victory – Capture Rigor and then escort him off their table edge – +5CP
  • Minor Victory – Kill Rigor before he can be escorted off the opposing player’s table edge. – +1CP

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