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How to be an author, by guest writer David Guymer – Part Three

Alternative Realities

David Guymer, best selling author for the Black Library, the Godfather of Gotrek and Felix has kindly written a guest blog for us. This is part three.

The hard part – or doing it again

That story went on to become The Tilean’s Talisman and I’d intended to show the synopsis I’d written as an example of how one should look but, written in the dank mists of 2011 as it was, I can’t seem to find it.

It was probably terribly embarrassing anyway, but luckily there’s no shortage of synopses around here. As a booby prize, here’s the synopsis I wrote for a short story Prince of Souls, which, though it was commissioned and written, unfortunately never actually got published:

A party of dark elves have hit upon a necropolis complex in the sands around the dead city of Numas. The group is led by a witch, Jorhag…

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