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Sneak Preview

most-terrifying-special-forces-from-around-the-world-1Below is a sneak preview from my current WIP (and therefore totally unedited) novella which will be released under the Alternative Realities Flashbang Fiction imprint. Guba is a member of Shadow Company, and a Filipino (hence the reference to height below). Enjoy.

STEPPING around the corner, Guba barely had time to even realise that someone was in front of him before he was slammed into the wall. Air blasted from his lung as stars appeared before his eyes, his attacker continuing to pin his much smaller enemy against the wall whilst shouting for help. Acting on blind instinct Guba dropped his SMG and slammed out a reflex-based elbow.

It connected, lessening the growing pressure of his attacker, allowing his tortured lungs to suck in much-needed air. His elbow blasted back out as he fired blow after blow, his other hand clawing at the man’s face, fingers searching for his eyes. The gap between them grew just enough for him to slip his hand down and grasp the handle of the chef’s knife he had stolen from the kitchen earlier. Pulling it from his tactical trousers’ secret pocket he reversed the blade and whipped it across his attacker’s stomach.

The man screamed, high and shrill before slamming him against the wall. Guba grunted, threw out a knee, felt it connect with barely any power. It was enough though, his opponent bent slightly. Whipping the knife up, Guba slashed it across the man’s throat the whole weight of his forearm behind the reversed blade. The blade cut deeply, but not as deeply as the backhanded stab. The knife sank into the terrorist’s throat as easily as it would a block of cheese.Twisting it, spitting as blood sprayed from the man’s throat, Guba opened the cut so wide that no amount of medical help could save him.

Pushing his opponent aside, Guba drew his pistol. A muzzle flashed in the smoke, bullets zipping past his head. He dropped to a knee, reducing his profile and fired twice. A man staggered forward into view, blood pouring from between the fingers that were clasped to his chest, mouth opening and closing. Guba fired again, blowing the man’s brains out.

Holstering his pistol, Guba reached round for his SMG sling and brought the weapon back up.

Fucking bring it, he thought as he resumed his hunt.

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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