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Mordred’s Victory & Other Martial Arts Mutterings by Jamie Clubb – Masterful Insights from a wandering warrior

Most of you will know that I was Features Editor and Technical Consultant for what used to be four of the most popular and influential martial arts magazines in the UK. At one point I was actually writing up to 80% of the content. During that time I was privileged to meet, interview and train … Continue reading

Empire of Thorns – by Mark Lawrence – A review of the trilogy

I’m being a bit lazy here as I can’t be arsed to review each book individually, I’m too busy trying to write my own stories and get as a good as Mark ‘bastard writes too well’ Lawrence to do that. So I’ve decided that I shall review the whole lot in one go. Jorg, Jörg, … Continue reading

Raus! Untoten! ***** AGAIN!

Time’s Arrow by Jonathan Green – A Review

First things first, Jonathan Green is one of the most humble authors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, almost as if he truly is not aware as to just how good he is. Fortunately, this makes writing this review easy. Time’s Arrow – released on November 13th 2012 – is the eleventh book … Continue reading

Brave New World: Revolution

Well, it appears that Matt Forbeck has done it again, and produced a quality piece of writing that is not only unique, but which manages to use multiple characters, dedicating a mini-chapter to each one. I like to read about superheroes, after all, who doesn’t? But Forbeck has taken the usual format and broken the … Continue reading

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