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Mordred’s Victory & Other Martial Arts Mutterings by Jamie Clubb – Masterful Insights from a wandering warrior

Mordred's Victory & Other Martial Mutterings

Mordred’s Victory & Other Martial Mutterings

Most of you will know that I was Features Editor and Technical Consultant for what used to be four of the most popular and influential martial arts magazines in the UK. At one point I was actually writing up to 80% of the content.

During that time I was privileged to meet, interview and train with a number of very talented, hard working and dedicated martial artists, one of which was Jamie Clubb. Fortunately, although I’ve moved on, we’ve kept in contact and I recently got hold of a copy of Jamie’s latest book, Mordred’s Victory & Other Martial Mutterings. As a result, I’ve done a review.

Jamie Clubb is a master of his art. Unfortunately he doesn’t hold the title master because his journey has been more classical than traditional. Throughout his training he has always tried to find the most practical, easiest to learn and effective way of fighting.

Fortunately, he is also a relented presenter and writer. This means that we are able to benefit from his thoughts on the martial arts no matter where we are in the world, without having to travel to some remote part of the globe and climb a perilous mountain.

Insightful, engaging, entertaining and fun to read, this collection of articles is a valuable addition to any martial arts library.

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