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NERF Scenario Games for birthday parties

As a family we like to muck around with NERF guns on the odd occasion. Back when I was running Exeter Practical Martial Arts, we used to give NERF gun parties during the summer and winter. My wife and I also used to work at Skirmish Exeter, and whilst there I wrote a number of scenario games that I believe they are still using.

My youngest has a NERF wars birthday coming up soon, so I’ve come up with the following games. I thought that other people might be interested.

Target competition
Five shots each competitor, highest scoring shot scored.

Capture the Flag – Centre
Two teams, one flag in the centre of the room. Team must grab the flag and then take it to the OPPOSITION’S base, placing it on the designated spot.

Capture the Flag – End Base
Teams must capture the opposing team’s flag and carry it back to their own base.

Last Player Standing
Everyone has a gun. Ever other person is the enemy, you must take out every one else.

Fastest Draw in the South West – Go for your weapon
This is a face-off between two people. At the command of ‘DRAW’ they both have to pick their loaded pistol up from the ground, take aim and shoot. They will have five darts. If both miss, they try again.

Fastest Draw in the South West – Aim & Shoot
Two people face each other, loaded pistols in their hands by their sides. At the command ‘DRAW’ they must both raise their pistols and shoot.

Destroy the enemy command bunker
This is a test of skill and discipline under fire. Both teams have a command bunker. The bunkers have two wings of defences. Nobody is allowed to take a position in front of the bunker, there wouldn’t be any point because there is no cover.

Each team must get 10 darts into a box placed in the middle of the enemy bunker in order to destroy it.

Three’s a crowd
This is capture the flag, but there are three teams. Two teams are trying to capture their enemy’s flags as normal. The third team is a ‘peacekeeping force’. They can shoot members of the other two teams, but cannot capture the flag nor win the game. Their sole task is to prevent the other two teams from completing their missions.

Destroy that Bunker!
There are two teams. One bigger than the other. The smaller team is given a bunker with plenty of cover to defend. The other team is given a bomb and must attack the bunker, and place their bomb in the bunker. As soon as it is placed, NOT thrown, the game is over.

Terminate with extreme prejudice
Every person’s name is placed into a box. Each player then draws one piece of paper from that box. If they draw their own name, they place it back into the box and draw again.

Players are then randomly assigned a place on the battlefield. As soon as the game starts they must then try to eliminate the person who they drew. If they are eliminated by someone else, then that person must then take the eliminated player’s piece of paper and, if they haven’t already, hunt down the other target.

If player A eliminates B and is hunting for C, but is then hit by D, Player D only takes player C’s paper. Player A then leaves the field, keeping hold of B’s piece of paper.

The game ends when there is only one player on the field. The winner is the person with the most name slips.

The Thin Red Line.
Two teams face each other with one dart in their guns. At the command of ‘FIRE’ they all fire one shot. Those hit then lie down. The teams then take one small step forward and reload. The process is repeated until all players on one team have been eliminated.

Beast Hunters
One player is the Beast. The other players are Beast Hunters. The Beast has five lives.

The Beast does not have a weapon. All the Beast has to do is touch an opposing player. If they do so, that player then becomes a Zombie and works with the Beast.

Zombies have two lives and can only shoot. They cannot Turn other players.

The game ends when the either the Beast and their Zombies, or the Hunters are all eliminated.

Get to the Ammo!
No one is issued with any ammunition. It’s all placed in piles around the arena. At the signal, the players have to race to the piles of ammunition and start engaging the enemy. Naturally the team that gets to the darts and starts firing the quickest will have an advantage.

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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