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Coming up

So, I’ve read Double Dead by Chuck Wendig @ChuckWendig on Twitter. I’ve read Blood Royale by Jonathan Green @jonathangreen. I’ve attended Asylum. I’m writing part two of my 40k series, Quebec One Niner, and I’m also writing about how Spring Heeled Jack acquired his trusty sidekick, Mr. Burke aka @gentlemanrhymer. Lots of writing to do, … Continue reading

Don’t take your instructors for granted

Members of clubs, any clubs, often take what the club provides for granted. This is perfectly understandable because quite often, they are completely removed from the running of the club. This is exactly the same for martial arts instructor. Students turn up, practice – or train – and then go home. The instructor has gone … Continue reading

Self-publishing should not equal dross

I read a lot. IBS means that I can get through a fair number of books. Recently I bought a Kindle, as I was running out of space for my ‘real’books, and hated having to throw them out. Being a bit of a tight-wad, I immediately went to the free section on Amazon and downloaded … Continue reading

Some kids need a good punch in the face!

Some kids really do need a good punch in the face. I’m not talking about a punch from an adult (although if they’re teenagers it might be okay), but from their peers. I teach martial arts to kids, and the first thing that I teach them is that I’m not teaching them fight, I’m teaching … Continue reading

Tony Blauer – It’s not who’s right, it’s who’s left

Combat magazine has a well-deserved reputation for speaking to market-leaders and finding out they have not only devised the system they teach, but also why they devised the systems. Tony Blauer is one such market-leader and is the founder of the world-famous SPEAR™ system, as well as the inventor of the High Gear™ suit. Both … Continue reading

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