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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Use a thief to catch a thief

Naga Trivi coughed as he tried desperately to not to spray hot tea over the official in front of him.  “You want me to what?” He spluttered, the urge to cough growing as the tea burnt its way down his throat. “We want you, and your Bad Apples, to root out other undesirables.” The Imperial … Continue reading

Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Bad Apples

Naga Trivi watched his sensors as TIE fighters raced through the Carnel Gap Belt, a collection of mined-out asteroids that bordered part of the Southern Fringe. The Rebels had been sent reeling by the Imperial Navy’s sudden attack, the first crushing hammer blow sending the Carnel Fleet fleeing, shattered hulks of once-proud ships left to … Continue reading

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