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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Bad Apples

Scum and Villainy ship scrambling to meet the TIE Fighters head on.

Scum and Villainy ship scrambling to meet the TIE Fighters head on.

Naga Trivi watched his sensors as TIE fighters raced through the Carnel Gap Belt, a collection of mined-out asteroids that bordered part of the Southern Fringe. The Rebels had been sent reeling by the Imperial Navy’s sudden attack, the first crushing hammer blow sending the Carnel Fleet fleeing, shattered hulks of once-proud ships left to drift for eternity in deep space, the cries of trapped crew members growing weaker and weaker. 

“There’s another flight, they’re coming too close, they’re going to pick up our energy emissions!” He cursed as the TIE fighters changed course and headed to towards his once-secret base. “Launch all craft, we can’t let them report our position!”



This is a scum and villainy encounter.

Naga Trivi’s gang, the Bad Apples, have been operating out of the Carnel Gap Asteroid Belt for over five, successfully hiding from the Rebel Alliance fleet. Now however, with a massive Imperial Armada cutting through the Gap in numbers not previously seen, they’ve been discovered. Happy to have sat the Campaign out, Naga and his Bad Apples now find themselves forced to fight.



For set-up, see the Special Conditions.

The Imperials may field up to 100pts of ships.

The Bad Apples player may field up to 200pts of ships, due to them being so close to their headquarters.


The objective is simple. The Bad Apples forces must not let any of the TIE Fighters escape and report their location.

The Imperial player must fly one of his TIE fighters through the asteroid, loop around and fly back through the field towards his side. Once a TIE fighter has done that and left the table, the Imperial player is deemed to have won.

Special Conditions
The Imperial player must fly one of his TIE fighters through the asteroid, loop around and fly back through the field towards his edge. Once a TIE fighter has done that and left the table, the Imperial player is deemed to have won.

The asteroids (contained within the core set) must be set in a horizontal line across the table at Range 3 from the scum and villainy’s table edge and be equidistant from each other.

The Imperial player may set up his forces up to Range 1 from his edge. On the first round, the Imperial player may only move at 1–> due to the fact that the pilots are confirming what their sensors are showing (this is an RP campaign after all!). Any subsequent round they can carry out any manoeuvres the Imperial player sees fit.

The Scum and Villainy player may set up his forces amongst the asteroid field, and up to Range 2  behind the asteriods towards his edge. No scum and villainy craft may be set up any closer to the Imperial edge than the line of asteroids.

Game Duration
This game lasts for as long as it takes the Imperial player to get a ship through the asteroids and back off his edge of the table, or for the Scum and Villainy player to destroy all of the Imperial ships.

The Imperials must achieve the objective as set out above. The Bad Apples have to achieve the objective as set out above.

Both sides gain +1CP for each enemy unit destroyed.
Major Victory – +5CP – Achieve the objective.

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