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Star Wars: X-wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Use a thief to catch a thief

Imperial Intelligence can be very persuasive indeed. Naga Trivi never stood a chance.

Imperial Intelligence can be very persuasive indeed. Naga Trivi never stood a chance.

Naga Trivi coughed as he tried desperately to not to spray hot tea over the official in front of him. 

“You want me to what?” He spluttered, the urge to cough growing as the tea burnt its way down his throat.

“We want you, and your Bad Apples, to root out other undesirables.” The Imperial Naval Intelligence Officer wore a spotless white uniform, that had obviously been tailored to his exact specifications. “You root them out, they’re removed on the system, and your organisation gets stronger. Of course, if you find any that are too difficult to deal with, our ships will be standing by. You first target is the gang so delightfully known as …” he paused, checking the data slate in front of him, “the Momma’s Boys

Naga smiled, swallowing the fear and anger that threatened to boil up, he had no choice but to accept and they both knew it. “If the Emperor Palpatine deems us worthy of serving him, who am I to argue. We’re yours.”


After Imperial TIE fighters discovered the Bad Apple’s secret base in the Carnel Gap, Imperial Intelligence realised that they had been handed a priceless opportunity, and a very valuable resource. After all, why destroy all the criminals within a Rebel sector, when you can control them?

The Bad Apples have been tasked with rooting out, and taking on, all of the other Scum and Villainy gangs in the Southern Reaches.


This is a 100pt battle. Players may opt to make it bigger should they so desire. All ships must be taken from the Scum and Villainy range only.


The Momma’s Boys, Scum & Villainy player may place his ships up to Range 1 from his table edge.

The Bad Apples player may place his ships up to Range 1 from his table edge.

Both players take turns to place up to a total of five asteroids on the table. No player my place an asteroid less than Range 2 to the opposing player’s edge.

The Objective
This is a bitter fight to the death. The Bad Apples know that if they fail, Imperial Intelligence will hunt them, their families, their friends and their friends families down and kill them all. The Momma’s Boys are just as eager to fight to the death. Not only are they protecting their turf, they’re keen to get their hands on the 50,000cr per head bounty that has been put on the Bad Apple’s heads by a number of crime cartels.


For every Bad Apples ship destroyed, the Momma’s Boys player scores +1CP

For every Momma’s Boys ship destroyed, the Bad Apples player scores +1CP

For wiping out the enemy player, the winner receives +5CP

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