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Brutally Honest – Jamie Clubb’s Cross Training Two

As an aside, I was actually invited to take part in this DVD. Unfortunately, Pneumonia put paid to my dreams of DVD stardom, and I had to send my apologies. Gutted, as this would have made the DVD even better J

Summersdale Productions are definitely starting to put themselves firmly on the map and this is starting to show in the finer details. Their DVD box-covers continue to improve in design and now even the DVDs themselves are improving with a very new and tactile label being attached. All in all these are some of the better-produced DVDs that I’ve bought in a long while and that includes normal film DVDs.

Who IS Jamie Clubb?

Jamie Clubb is a fast-rising star in the martial arts DVD market. His open, flexible approach to training means that he and his students are able to progress by utilising all and any aspects from all martial arts without preconceptions affecting their training.

What’s good?

Summersdale are quickly becoming a kite mark for quality in my mind. They are the benchmark against which I compare all others and this DVD continues the tradition.

Jamie is (considering he’s only done one previous DVD) a very good presenter and gets his message across eloquently whilst using quality martial artists to underline his message.

The quality of the martial artists is also good, Matty Evans, Geoff Thompson, Iain Abernethy and Chris Rowen to name but a few of the hard-core guests he has presenting their striking theories.

The video, sound and presentation quality are all what I’ve now come to expect from Summersdale and knock the spots off some of the less-professionally produced DVDs on the market.

The content itself is good and, even though it’s really more documental than instructional, there is enough to ensure you can’t fail to learn from it. The fact that there are two schools of thought regarding open hand and closed hand and that both are given equal consideration makes this one of the best learning tools out there right now and certainly gives one food for thought whilst researching one’s own art.

What’s bad?

Nothing to be honest. There was a little bit of over dramatisation at one point when putting a message across but that only made me laugh and it’s good to laugh, so this isn’t really bad.

I heartily recommend that you get this no matter what style you study as you would have to be dead not to learn something from it!

You can purchase this DVD from http://www.summersdale.com

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