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Brutally Honest – Vadim Kolganov – Master of Sambo

Vadim Kolganov is a Russian Master of Sport and a Russian National Champion in Sombo. A quiet and unassuming guy, he has trained such greats as Geoff Thompson. Based in Scotland he regularly comes down to Torquay to give seminars and this superb DVD is covers one of the seminars given. Sambo Wrestling developed in Russia throughout the 20th Century based upon traditional wrestling and grappling styles that were first recorded in Russia in the 10th Century. Wrestling in Russia at this time was used to settle individual and collective differences. The Russian word Sambo was officially tagged to the sport in 1938 however historians of this grappling sport note that the development of Sambo was taking place in the 1920’s. Sambo is famed the world over for its devastating use of leg locks.

Although this is filmed on a DVD Camcorder rather than professional recording equipment this doesn’t detract from the excellent information and training techniques conveyed on the DVD. Filming was over two days so the progression of techniques and their difficulty is logical and goes from basic warm-ups right through to advanced conditioning techniques.

The cover is somewhat basic due to the fact that it’s home-produced but is still eye-catching enough to stand out when looking for it. The DVD case is a proper DVD case rather than a Jewel case so it’ll stand up to the usual bashing these things get.

Video and sound quality is more than good enough to get the most from this unique DVD and will look good both on PC, TV and Laptop (for those who use them in the gym).

The start menu is broken down into techniques and is easy to use. 

Sambo is making a big impact in grappling, with its numerous and effective leg-locks and takedowns into leg-locks. This DVD shows just how effective the moves are with Vadim showing in his quiet and unassuming manner a large variety of techniques for all levels of skill.

So, what’s actually on the DVD? Packed with techniques, it covers throws, takedowns, grappling with and without the jacket, arm bars and of course the leg locks Sambo is famous for.

  • 13 Partner exercise drills to build strength, endurance and speed for Russian Sambo.
  • 14 Traditional Sambo throws and takedowns wearing the Kurtka (Jacket).
  • 10 Freestyle wrestling takedowns from the clinch position.
  • 6 Part Arm drill for arm locks from guard.
  • Leg-lock options from the half guard.
  • Multiple leg lock attacks when caught in an opponents guard.
  • Attacks from opponent in Turtle position.
  • Variations on arm-bars and transferring to a leg lock from arm bar.
  • Key lock attacks and fine tuning the technique.
  • Side control / scarf hold submissions, including arm bars, shoulder locks and leg locks.
  • 1hr 26 minutes of Sambo training.

The techniques are presented in a clear and concise manner with seminar participants being called up for the demonstrations. This is very important as it shows that the techniques work on people who don’t actually know what to expect and is better than just having an Uke ‘go with the moves’. Vadim doesn’t just ‘show’ the moves, he demonstrates them, teaching both the seminar attendees and the viewer.
At £15.00 (plus P&P) this is great for getting an insight into a fascinating and valid martial art. Vadim’s instruction is clear and concise and this is a great resource.

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