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And so it ends

2012 has ended. Not with a bang, but with a torrential downpour. I must admit that I was a tad disappointed the world as we know it didn’t end. It would have been quite exciting, and could well have been the fresh start that humanity needed.

It has been a busy year, what with Shattered Lands: Torquemaster Rising finally being finished, the Black Library Weekender – which was awesome – a new job, the martial arts club joining TKDSOE, auditioning for – and getting – a part in a television series, kicking this blog off properly, getting a kitten (two days ago), attending Asylum, submitting to Abaddon Book’s open window, and having a Steampunk birthday. None of which was in order.

I’m sure that there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten, but on the whole it has been a fairly good year, with the usual highs and very low lows. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 has to offer, but I will be avoiding the New Year’s Eve japery this year as I’ve over-indulged and my IBS has put a firm ‘no’ on further high jinks. So, I will be having a nice night in with the family, the first NYE that the girls have experienced.

I shall also be putting the final touches to a submission. Happy New Year everyone.

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Father of two beautiful daughters and married to the beautiful Karen, Matthew has been reading and writing fantasy and science fiction since he first read the Hobbit at the age of 7.


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