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Star Wars: X-Wing – Iron Fist Campaign – Rearguard Action

The inexperience rebels desperately try to hold off the Imperial advance.

The inexperience rebels desperately try to hold off the Imperial advance.

*<<<“Gemini 5-4, you’ve got one on your tail! Break left, break left!”>>>*
*<<<“This is bunker 3-1, we’re being assaulted by a company of enemy stormtroopers. Request assistance, we can’t hold out much lo…..>>>*
*<<<Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is ore transport Pork Belly, Imperial TIE fighters have hit our engines, we’re drifting towards the planet, estimated time of impact 2 hours, repeat mayday, mayday, mayday.>>>*

General Hardtran slammed his fist into the arm of his chair. The Imperial Navy had blasted a way through the Carnal Gap, punched through the defences at the Southern Fringe and were now cutting through his forces as easily as a lightsaber through flesh.

“Turn them off dammit! Switch all command comms to Channel Zulu. Identify the enemy’s key objectives and reinforce those that we can. Send 10th, 30th and 201st Starfighter Regiments to act as rearguard. Tell the 90th to prepare for a flanking counter-attack. Order all other units to retreat to the Southern Reach Stop Lines.”


These are desperate times. Rebel forces are struggling to hold back the Imperial forces. All units not currently engaged with enemy units have been ordered to withdraw to the Southern Reach Stop lines where Rebel high command hopes they will be able to hold the Imperials back whilst Rebel reinforcements race to support them.

Whilst most Rebel units race to the Southern Reach Stop Lines as fast as they can, other Rebel units are digging in with orders to act as a rearguard. They are the sector’s last, great hope in this time of need.

The Rebel positions must be set up in a line across the centre of the table, running the length of the table. 50% of the units may be deployed with 1 of the range ruler towards their side.

The Rebel  player must deploy all of his units prior to the battle commencing, there are no reserves.

As the Rebel player sets up his force, he must nominate a minimum of three and up to five separate objectives in his set-up zone. All objectives must be in the centre of the table and must be at least Range 1, from each other across the centre of the table.

Objectives should be either asteroids, satellites, perhaps even a damaged heavy ship. The important thing is that both players clearly identify the objectives before the battle begins.

The attacker’s units are not set up on the table at the start of the game. The attacker must nominate at least half of their force to form the first wave. This can be the entire army if they so wish. Any units not included in the first wave are left in reserve.

Imperial: Imperial forces must be deployed within zone 1 of the range template, but may be deployed across the full edge of their side.

Special Rules
The Rebels must hold their lines for 5 turns, then may attempt to escape off the edge of their set-up zone. They may withdraw the entirety of their force, or leave elements to deny total domination of the field to the Rebels until the game ends. For every round past the round played at the 20 minute mark, they gain 2VPs.

The Rebel forces must contain 50% rookies. This is a bitter last stand in a war of attrition, anyone who can fly is thrown into battle. 25% of them are Rogue Squadron.

The other 25% must be characters. Battered and bruised they are determined to win back their honour and keep the rookies under their command alive for as long as possible.

No more than 20% of the Rebel forces may be heavy ships.

The Rebel  player must deploy all of his units prior to the battle commencing, there are no reserves. The Imperial play must deploy no less than 50% of his force on the first turn. After that, he may deploy the remainder as he sees fit.

An Imperial player may either capture, or destroy the objectives. If the objective is a satellite, use X-Wing stats for shields and hull points. If it is a large ship, use the ship’s stats. The ship may not use its weapons until round 2.

In order to capture an objective, the Imperial player must make a ship overlap the objective.

Game Duration
This game lasts for 20 turns or until the Rebels have vacated or either side has been eliminated.

The objective is simple. The Rebel forces must hold the line for the entire battle to win outright, no matter what the number of CPs the Imperial player has. If they do, then the Imperial forces will find themselves being outflanked by a local counter attack.

The Imperials must advance and either destroy the defending units entirely, capture two of the three stations, or force the Rebels to retreat.

Every turn after the 20 minutes that the Rebels hold their positions is worth 2VP.

Every Imperial unit destroyed is worth 1VP for the Rebel player.

Every Rebel unit that escapes is worth 2VP to the Rebel player.

Every Rebel unit that is destroyed is worth 2VP to the Imperial player.

Every objective captured is worth 5VP to the Imperial player.

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